The Kalahari is a cruel and unforgiving waste land, but a small animal, the meerkat, calls it home. Play characters and live the life of a meerkat. Have your character, join a mob, gain dominance, mate, have pups, and survive. Become an Angel of the Sun.

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    Kusuma the Meerkat Luver
    Kusuma the Meerkat Luver

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    Post by Kusuma the Meerkat Luver on Sat Jul 17, 2010 12:57 am

    Dominant Female:
    RPASF004 Rooka - Pancake

    Dominant Male:
    RPASM002 Otis - Kusuma (temporary)

    Subordinate Females:
    RPASF003 Ivy - Stormy
    RPASF005 Jingo - Dipsy

    Subordinate Males:
    RPASM001 Milo - Kusuma

    Total: 5

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