The Kalahari is a cruel and unforgiving waste land, but a small animal, the meerkat, calls it home. Play characters and live the life of a meerkat. Have your character, join a mob, gain dominance, mate, have pups, and survive. Become an Angel of the Sun.

    Rules of Angels of the Sun

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    Rules of Angels of the Sun Empty Rules of Angels of the Sun

    Post by Kusuma the Meerkat Luver on Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:15 pm

    The rules to this site are STRICT and if they broken I'll give you one warning, if you conrinue to ignore my warnings, you WILL be banned.

    Site Rules:
    *Be nice and don't be rude to anyone
    *No fighting in the RP, if you have a problem with someone, take it to PM or contact me to resolve it.
    *NO things that advertise, drugs, alcohol, and that such stuff I consiter stupid

    RolePlay Rules
    *There are no all-powerfull godlike beings, there is the afterlife group for characters that have passed, but they have no special powers
    *Don't have your character attack another persons character just because you don't like the user who is playing them
    *Keep your personal life out of the rp
    *No graphic mating scenes, keep it PG-13 please
    *No playing another person's character without them telling me they said you could
    *No killing or seriously injuring another person's character without their permission (ex. breaking leg, tearing fur off face, clawing/biting an eye out)
    *Your character will have to be accepted by the dominants in the mob, they won't always be
    *The dominant pair must be played by two different people, (rare exeptions)
    *Follow these rules and everything should go smoothly, enjoy the site Very Happy

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