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    Invading Another Territory

    Kusuma the Meerkat Luver
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    Invading Another Territory Empty Invading Another Territory

    Post by Kusuma the Meerkat Luver on Wed Mar 24, 2010 12:55 am

    Who ever is playing the dominant female of the group can say, they led the mob to the edge of their territory bordering (ex. Monsoon led the Disasters to the edge of their territory bordering with the Crypts), and then the person playing the dominant will post that the leader has croosed the border, the others will follow. Sometimes they go undetected, once the border is crossed, then they can possibly come into contact with the rival gang, they may choose to mobilaze and prepare for battle or the leader can call a retrat. After a fight, one of the leaders will finally admit defeat and be forced to call retreat. This is how territory is often taken over.

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